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I don’t know where it started or why people think because people that are single that there is something wrong with them. “She must be crazy if she’s single” and “what’s the reason for him being single so long” There is this whole negative vibe about being single that people run to relationships so they aren’t considered crazy any more. Id rather be “crazy” and find someone who respects me, honors me and cherishes me than to be in a relationships where I settle out of loneliness. Been there one too many times and not doing it again. It’s ok to take your time in a healthy way. Embrace the season you are in. ❤️

My prayer for you this morning comes from the heart. It’s comes from a place where your struggle meets your insecurity. We all have them. We all have these areas we struggle in but my hope for you this morning is that you fight through whatever it is that is holding you down and back. Don’t let someone try and point out all your imperfections as if they are perfect, sinless, and so on. We are imperfect but made perfect in His image. ❤️ #morningprayer

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